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Welcome to

Persistate offers a completely new way of developing applications using the .Net framework which is agile, intuitive, astonishingly quick and easily scalable.  If you want proof of this, watch this video!

First time here?

If you want to learn about what Persistate has to offer, start with What is Persistate?   See Downloads to get your hands on the software.

Watch demonstration videos

There are a few demonstration videos you can watch.  See Demonstration videos for a list of these, ranging from creating and coding a simple application, through setting up a Persistate Server and Viewer, to having a look at a more complex example application.

Invest in Persistate!

Persistate is fully working software, but needs investment to fulfil its potential.  If you are a potential investor, please read the Potential Investors Please Read! section.  See From the Author to find out who wrote Persistate, a brief history, the current state of play, what the vision for the future is.  If you are using Persistate, then please consider making a donation to help with its ongoing development.

Learn how to use Persistate

Using Persistate gives you an idea of the process involved in developing applications using Persistate.
Walkthroughs gives step by step instructions on installing Persistate, and creating and deploying an application.
Writing definition files contains detailed documentation on Persistate definition files.
Coding Persistate applications contains detailed documentation on developing the application code.
Using Persistate Generator and Configurator documents the applications which make up Persistate.
API Documentation contains the standard documentation for the Persistate API.

Persistate License

For the moment Persistate is beta software and is free to use, but version 1 will be a commercial package, albeit with a free version of some sort.  See Persistate License for the license details.


23rd March 2012

A new video providing a short introduction to the language used to define Persistate applications is now available.  See Defining an application.

29th February 2012

Version 0.6.1 has been released.  This is a bug fix release for version 0.6.0.  See the Change Log for details.

29th February 2012

A new video showing creation of a more complex sample application in now available.  See A more complex example.

22nd February 2012

A new video showing how to deploy an application to a Persistate Server and run it in a Persistate Viewer is now available.  See Working with Persistate Server and Viewer

13th February 2012

Version 0.6.0 has now been released.  This release contains many internal changes to increase the robustness of the software.  Viewer - Server operation is now much more robust.  It also allows you to create solutions using different versions of the .Net framework.  See the Downloads page for details of this.  See the Change Log for details of all changes in this release.

10th September 2011

The Persistate Bug List is now online.  This is the Persistate issue tracker, based on the MantisBT system.  It also contains entries for planned improvements and new features

1st September 2011

Persistate v0.5.0 Beta released.   The release notes will be available soon, once the bug tracker is ready.