Coding Persistate applications

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Coding Persistate applications

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Coding Persistate applications

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This section covers the process of developing code for Persistate applications.  Persistate applications follow the well known Model-View-Controller (MVC) software architecture.  Persistate uses the term User Interface in place of View as the View is also used widely in database terminology, and Persistate follows this, for example with its View Classes.  The Application structure section gives details of how the the MVC architecture is applied here, and this should be your starting point.

The Model of a Persistate application is defined in large part by the definition file that you write.  This defines a persistent object tree, and the Accessing persistent objects section gives details of how you access that tree in code.

Persistent tree access in code is used throughout a Persistate application, but making changes to the tree is should mostly be performed in the Controller module.  The Manipulating persistent objects section describes the simple  techniques involved in doing this.

One of the major strengths of Persistate is the formal separation of the Controller and User Interface modules.  The User interface section describes how you develop the user interface and the formal interface between it and the Controller.

One of the strengths of Persistate is that you need very little in the way of API calls outside accessing the user interface.  However, there are some useful classes and the Persistate API section gives details of these.

The Persistate run time exposes a number of events.  These are not the typical user interface events that are familiar to most developers, but events that signal changes within the connections of the persistent tree.  The Events raised in Persistate section gives details.