The Persistate API

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The Persistate API

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The Persistate API

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If you look at the Persistate API documentation, it would be easy to think that there is a huge amount to learn in order to use Persistate.  In fact, this is not true at all - you can write Persistate applications using practically no API calls at all.  Most of the time, you access persistent data simply by accessing and modifying data in the generated objects and collections that are generated from your definition file.  Persistate allows you to concentrate on the business objects that are the core of your application.

This is the reason that this section is so small!  There are, however, some classes in the Persistate API that are useful to be aware of when coding Persistate applications.  The topics in this section describe these classes.

The Working with sessions topic explains how user sessions in Persistate are organised.  It is especially important to read this section if you are writing applications to run on a Persistate Server.
The Persistent utility methods topic describes some of the more useful methods in the Persistent class.
The Serialising and Deserialising topic describes two classes which allow you transport entire subtrees between domains.
The References and MetaReferences topic describes the object addressing scheme in Persistate.