Persistate API documentation
IDevelopmentEnvironment Interface

[This is preliminary documentation and is subject to change.]

Allows access to development environment functionality. Will be implemented by classes allowing access to Visual Studio and MonoDevelop.
Declaration Syntax
public interface IDevelopmentEnvironment : IDisposable
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AddItemFile(Object, String)
Adds an existing file to a project.

Builds the loaded solution.

CreateProject(String, String, String, String)
Creates a new project for a Package.

CreateSolution(String, String)
Creates a new solution in the IDE for a Package.

Performs application-defined tasks associated with freeing, releasing, or resetting unmanaged resources.
(Inherited from IDisposable.)
Finds an item in any of the projects in the currently open solution in the IDE.

Gets a string containing the default framework version for this IDE.

GetItem(Object, String)
Finds a project item with a particular name within a particular project. The item can be a top level project item or it can be nested under other project items to arbitrary depth.

Gets the file name associated with a project item.

Gets the path and filename of the output assembly file for a project.

GetProject(String, String)
Obtains an object representing an IDE project for a Module within a Package.

Gets a string containing the framework version used by a particular project.

Gets a value indicating whether the development environment is in design mode or running a debugging session.

InsertProjectReference(Object, Object)
Adds a project reference from one project to another.

InsertProjectReference(Object, Type)
Adds a project reference from one project to a particular assembly.

InsertProjectReference(Object, String)
Adds a project reference from one project to a particular assembly.

Determines if the solution for a Package is loaded into the IDE.

Opens a file in the IDE.

Obtains the name of the solution currently open in the IDE. If this is a Persistate solution, it will be the same as the package name.

Raised whenever a project build has completed in the development environment. This will be raised once for each project built if a solution build is performed.

Obtains the folder path for a particular project.

Gets the path of the default folder in which project folders are stored.

Saves all modified open files.

SetBuildAction(Object, BuildAction)
Sets the build action of a project item.

Raised whenever a solution build has completed in the development environment, whether or not successful.

Obtains the full path of the folder containing the solution file for a package.

WriteItemFile(Object, String, String, String, Boolean)
Writes a source file to the project folder and adds the file to the project if not there.

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