Persistate API documentation
IsInvalid Property

[This is preliminary documentation and is subject to change.]

Gets a value indicating the validity of the current state of this object.
Declaration Syntax
public bool IsInvalid { get; set; }

An object is set invalid during an Rollback or RestoreUnmodified call, if its unmodified value could not be restored from either a Cloned copy or from persistent storage. Invalid objects cannot be modified through generated properties, added to collections, or displayed on screen. Any of these actions will result in an exception.

You can, however, delete invalid objects by setting their contained member property in their parent object to null, or by removing them from a contained collection. Objects become valid again when they are refreshed from persistent storage. You can also set them valid manually by setting this property to false, but this also automatically marks them as modified.

Assembly: Persistate (Module: Persistate) Version: (