Package Import Definition

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Package Import Definition

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Package Import Definition

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You can use the classes and operations of other packages in your package by importing them into your definition file with the use statement.  You should always import the Persistate package.  You must include a separate statement for each package you want to import.  For example the following statements import the Persistate package and a package called "DeviceNetwork".

Use persistate.
Use device network.


PackageReference = "use" PackageReferenceName ;
PackageReferenceName = <symbol> { <symbol> } ;

See Grammar Notation in Syntax Sections for an explanation of the format and symbols used here



This statement type declares a reference to another package that you want to import and use in your package definition.


This is the friendly name of the package that you want to import.  This sequence of symbols is combined in "Pascal" case before being matched against package names.  Pascal case transforms for example my package name to MyPackageName.