Persistate API documentation
DatabaseResultType Enumeration

[This is preliminary documentation and is subject to change.]

Enumerates the various types of PersistateDatabaseException that can be thrown.
Declaration Syntax
public enum DatabaseResultType
Success The transaction succeeded.
Timeout A timout occurred waiting for the transaction to complete.
ObjectNotFound The object addresses by a given Reference was not found in persistent storage.
DeadlockVictim The transaction caused a deadlock in persistent storage and was selected as the deadlock victim.
UpdateConflict An object version being updated has already been updated by another Session.
Cancelled A DatabaseExceptionHandler returned a Rollback outcome when dealing with an update conflict.
CancelledNoRefresh A DatabaseExceptionHandler returned a RollbackNoRefresh outcome when dealing with an update conflict.
CancelledReExecute A DatabaseExceptionHandler returned a ReExecute outcome when dealing with an update conflict.
Other An unspecified error occurred while committing the transaction to persistent storage.

Assembly: Persistate (Module: Persistate) Version: (