Persistate API documentation
CreateFromDatabase Delegate

[This is preliminary documentation and is subject to change.]

Creates a Persistent object from data in an IDataReader.
Declaration Syntax
public delegate Persistent CreateFromDatabase(
	Database db,
	IDataReader dr,
	Reference thisObj,
	Persistent parentObj
db (Database)
The Database from which the data has been retrieved.
dr (IDataReader)
The IDataReader containing the retrieved data. This must already have been positioned on an appropriate record.
thisObj (Reference)
A Reference to the new object.
parentObj (Persistent)
The parent object of the new object.
Return Value
The created object.
Each ObjectClass has a delegate of this type which holds the static method of the same name in the generated code of the corresponding Persistent derived class.

Assembly: Persistate (Module: Persistate) Version: (