Persistate API documentation
FlagSet Property

[This is preliminary documentation and is subject to change.]

Contains a flag for each function implemented by ObjectClasses in this category.
Declaration Syntax
public FlagSet FlagSet { get; set; }
ClassCategories are given these functions when you define them in a Persistate definition file. The available functions are as follows.
When an object is to be fetched from persistent storage, the Persistate object cache is first checked, and if the object is there, it is returned immediately. When an object is fetched, it is placed in the cache, or updates the object already there.
When an object is first modified during an Operation Execution, by setting one of its persistent properties, then a copy is taken of the object, and will be available through the PreviousVersion property.
When an association is made to an object, then this fact is recorded in persistent storage. The collection of associators to an object is available through the GetAssociators method.
An "Order" property is generated automatically for the ObjectClass. This class can then be used to create ordered collections.
If this is set in a ClassCategory, then UseCache must also be set. The object will be stored in the global cache shared between all Sessions.
Objects with this function will be not be stored in persistent storage.

Assembly: Persistate (Module: Persistate) Version: (