Persistate API documentation
ProjectBuildEventArgs Constructor (projectPath, projectConfiguration, platform, solutionConfiguration, success)
NamespacesPersistateProjectBuildEventArgsProjectBuildEventArgs(String, String, String, String, Boolean)

[This is preliminary documentation and is subject to change.]

Creates a new ProjectBuildEventArgs with all details.
Declaration Syntax
public ProjectBuildEventArgs(
	string projectPath,
	string projectConfiguration,
	string platform,
	string solutionConfiguration,
	bool success
projectPath (String)
A string containing the path and file name of the project file, including extension, relative to the solution folder.
projectConfiguration (String)
A string containing the name of the project configuration built.
platform (String)
A string containing the platform the build was for.
solutionConfiguration (String)
A string containing the configuration and platform for the solution.
success (Boolean)
A value indicating whether or not the build was successful.

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