Persistate API documentation
TraverseFrom Method (start, navigationPath)
NamespacesPersistatePersistentTraverseFrom(Persistent, String)

[This is preliminary documentation and is subject to change.]

Traverses the object graph from a particular object using a period delimited navigation path.
Declaration Syntax
public static Object TraverseFrom(
	Persistent start,
	string navigationPath
start (Persistent)
The object to start the traverse from. May be null.
navigationPath (String)
The path to traverse.
Return Value
The object found at the end of the traverse, or null if any node in the traverse is null.

The navigation path should consist of public property names. Reflection is used to access the object which is the value of the named property at each node in the traverse. In other words, assuming prop1 prop2 and prop3 are public properties, then

TraverseFrom(obj, "prop1.prop2.prop3");

is equivalent to


If at any point in the traverse, a node value is null, then null is returned without an exception being created.

The navigation path may start with "The" in which case the second node in the path must be "Internet", "Domain", "Environment" or any singleton class name in the running Package. In this case the start object is not used in the traverse and can be null.

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