Persistate API documentation
Execute Method (target, targetCollection, parameters)
NamespacesPersistateOperationExecute(Persistent, IPersistateList, array<Object>[]()[][])

[This is preliminary documentation and is subject to change.]

Executes the operation in the active Session and returns an ExecutionResult.
Declaration Syntax
public ExecutionResult Execute(
	Persistent target,
	IPersistateList targetCollection,
	params Object[] parameters
target (Persistent)
The selected target object that the operation is called on.
targetCollection (IPersistateList)
The selected collection that the operation is called for.
parameters (array<Object>[]()[][])
Other parameters to be passed to the Operation's Execute method.
Return Value
The ExecutionResult returned from the Operation's Execute method.

If the execution context is Server or Standalone, then the operation is executed on the current thread. If Viewer, then the call is sent to the Server to be executed there. In both cases, this method blocks until the execution is complete and the resulting ExecutionResult is returned.

Persistate allows you to execute more than one operation concurrently in a single Session. These can be nested executions in the same thread or asynchronous executions in different threads. However, be aware that Persistate consolidates all modifications for concurrent executions, so committing or rolling back one operation execution will also include all modifications made so far in all concurrent executions.

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