Persistate API documentation
CallMemberGraph Method (memberCall, parameter)
NamespacesPersistateObjectClassCallMemberGraph(MemberCall, Object)

[This is preliminary documentation and is subject to change.]

Calls a MemberCall delegate for every node in the graph of reachableMembers for this ObjectClass.
Declaration Syntax
public void CallMemberGraph(
	MemberCall memberCall,
	Object parameter
memberCall (MemberCall)
The MemberCall delegate to call for each Member
parameter (Object)
The general parameter to pass to every MemberCall call.

The reachable Member graph for this Object class contains the following nodes.

  • Members reachable from all base classes of this class, starting from Persistent and working up.
  • Declared Members in this ObjectClass.
  • If a declared Member is an object member (IsObjectMember returns true) then all reachable Members from the declared Member's class.

You can stop the recursion implied by the last item above by returning false from the MemberCall delegate.

Note that this is different to Persistent.CallTree in that it operates on a graph in which cycles are possible. It is up to the caller to ensure that this method terminates.

Assembly: Persistate (Module: Persistate) Version: (