Persistate API documentation
Collection Method (parent, flags, slot, getData)
NamespacesPersistateConnectParameterSetCollection(Persistent, FlagSet, Int32, Boolean)

[This is preliminary documentation and is subject to change.]

Creates a ConnectParameterSet collection to contain volatile objects
Declaration Syntax
public static IndexedList<ConnectParameterSet> Collection(
	Persistent parent,
	FlagSet flags,
	int slot,
	bool getData
parent (Persistent)
The parent object of the collection.
flags (FlagSet)
A FlagSet containing the collection flags.
slot (Int32)
The slot of its parent member containing the collection.
getData (Boolean)
If true in Viewer, data is fetched from the Server.
Return Value
An IndexedList(ConnectParameterSet) containing the new collection.

Assembly: Persistate (Module: Persistate) Version: (